Thursday, February 10, 2011

i have to

i keep pretending to smile without you.everyday 24/7 . trying to forget all those memory that keep playing in my head. about you and me.yes,it really tough for me ever since.and i realised that i cannot fool myself and act like a morron or something bullshit know why-because i can't.

you're not the first in my life.but still i cannot forget you like the others.i did unexpected things -i deleted your phone number from my cellphone.i hate myself to do that because i keep looking at your number and finding a way to text or call you plus seeing you online in FB.i just missing you.seriously.hoping you send me a hai :) or do make me laugh with your jokes through a it was just my daydream as it turns to an ending.feeling regret -  really want to talk to you now but we're not friends,neither and me are for once and ignore. i realised that and i keep told myself.

maybe i should never let it just too late.betul tak?i can't be perfect and good for all time but thanks for your enjoyable moment with me.appreciate and grateful as Allah lend you in my life for a while although i really want to hold you for longer time.okay for me,i can't fight the fate..would like to say these words 143 :D exactly to you again

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