Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I don't hate you but i don't want you

who says that when we're not in love,we don't look pretty?
I admit love is everything in life.
but not the real eveything in the world 
where i have been living.

frankly speaking,
i hate speaking about feelings or emotional things
it really mess me up
because i don't have seeing the sweetness of the thing
i really kind of 'whatever'

i seems annoyed 
but you are the one who make me this up
seriously we're in 'okay' relationship
a normal particular kind of
but i still don't want you to enter my life once
please.don't ever talk,text,im or fb-ing me.
i could not stop that to you
you still keep in touch with me

we're not hating each other,we're a less talking friends.
we're just a 'like' comment things in facebook

i begging.
please stay away from my life.
for your own good sake and mine.

sorry,im not breaking your heart but to help away from it really breaking and smash up

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