Saturday, April 23, 2011

I really don;t know seriously,I really suck and loser

thats the way my lil sis always said to me
yeah,now i feel that i should admit that
it is part of me.
seriously because i am very stupid 
not the way you look me externally
achieve good results, and high pointer or whtever 
that u called me genius.

sometimes i feel 
i should not perasan about everything.esp about you
but i can;t just stop it
well, i try before
 and it last only couple of days.
now i realised i still miss you.

sometimes I can feel that people talking about me
even they don;t exactly when they dont tell my  name.
it is natural thing.i pretty sure.
we can know when people really talk about us.

when you post something in your blog
i think you talk about me
really suits me well through your words.the poem,songs etc
once again
i deny it.and think
'okay,maybe he talks about others not me'

i scared that im the only one that love you.
and yet think 'he looks he has a better life'
sorry,i have to say.
i love you 
and hate myself to hope you said that to me also 
it is hard to believe 
i am loyal to you
2 years maybe?
.even i look happy,talk much about other boys

the arguement we had before really some stupid girly things i do
yes,i regret of it.
being grateful i can still text,or chat with you 
thanks for everything you did for me before
you;re too cool for me:)

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