Friday, May 20, 2011

Gaining Fat Non-Stop.OMG

It is kind of creepy.
about 6 months tergedik-gedik di rumah
if i get hidayah,then i will clean up the home.
plus burn the BIG fat already
and my parents was just like
'woah,wanginya rumah.nak shopping ke?'

they know me the best.
But now i really don't care
berpeluhan all days up
It feels just 'AWWW.fresh.babe"

while blogging ,i found this superb star girl
meet Maria Helena :)
i bet most of bloggers kenal 
A beautiful girl,yet stylish

Dreaming to be like both girls 

We look and see !
Im just 18teen,duit pun macam nak tak nak keluar
But then,
there will the times comes

*and now my parents are commonly
'gemuklah anak mak ni,haih'
since their friends always said yang me the smallest and tak membesar
the best : when people said that im the third not the eldest
my LIL bro and sis are very membesar than me.
(itu point for me!!!)

Im just replying my parents back then,
"mak,tengoklah fatin sahira nanti masuk U.Fine"
I really mean it.HAHAHA.(bajet.Insya-Allah)


  1. hahaha,semoga cepat kurus.

    p/s : gemuk ke? ok jek tengok :)