Monday, May 23, 2011

There are some reasons why we need FB

Im alone right now
Most of my friends yang hebat-hebat 
dah registered to their college,universities,or matriculation
Dan like usual lah kan,
everyone is offline and busy with their schelude
Orientasi week mungkin or Homesick terlampau

The chillies:
Who says FB disturb your studies?
Taklah wei.
There are some of my friends yang nak deactivate FB
Reason : Entering the U and focus study.
Person that cannot control their unexpected body will blame the other things
due to their failness 
.(pandai-pandailah behave diri sendiri bila nak online)

The others also whisper 
'they will not online 24-7 like before'
Bolehla terima.We have our commitment to do 

Entah ape-ape budak-budak ni.
Buat tergelak je tahu.
Finally at the end,diaorg jugaklah activatelah balik FB
Reason yang maybe keluar: 
kebosanan study atau mahu contact family & friends

Yang penting Fatin Sahira will never ever deactivate her FB.