Monday, June 6, 2011

The Arabic Thing

The First class
Tak pasal2 kena buat essay arab
dah la memang basic arab zero and 
most of the housemate pergi buat test hearing dekat UIA
Last choice, enter any of the group

Serius macam budak bengong 
A simple thing totally such a piss off
Takpelah kan,belajar punya pasal
Alih2 just knowing the numbers in arabic, and 'ana','ahlan wasalan' etc
Kelakar gila kot time class tadi
Mujur hajar dengan salwa the genius arabic one

Bye.Having a tired day 
Enjoying the enchanted moment with the new student 
new housemate
Fine.macam orang jakun tak pernah nampak budak baru

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