Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Incredibly busy week

Have to do a biochem presentation tomorow.
"eh,kitaorg dah siap.Slide banyak pics je."
Thumbs up lah member group
Ayu,Hakim, Amir
 Iz (BFF out of sudden)

Last night spent night at the RKS 
typically our warden house
Enjoying the WIFI 
Doing some of the task and online
Memang port loafing jadinya
Finally,back home at most of midnight 
Sebab our home is just a few steps about

I don't know why Im totally 
being a noisy and happy at the Shahputra
Becoming my real myself
even just about 3 weeks we know each other

My hands are already creepy shake like disaster
To write a joyous daybreak last monday.

He's just too handsome and their band are superb :D
Next post :D

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