Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spending the night

yesterday.was not a big day act
just the final of Maharaja Lawak
by then as our house is officially too cool  to have a tv like others 
we when to our warden house or RKS
exactly Rumah Kak Shida

With Dina,Ayu,Pikah and Aina
Quite enjoying but
I dont know why im not laughing as bad as others
Just smiling and laugh a little
Although some the boys coming laugh like crazy and screaming
Excited in hoping Jozan to win
But Sepah did very well to get the first place  
Thats the their destiny.Allah knows 

After that,
We're such in a war
Choosing and deciding where to go this weekend
Gambang Waterpark or the others.?
A creepy moment yet funny part there
The decision : Unknown
Just waiting.

There'a few not here.Sad :S

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