Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Home

The time has come.
I am already here.My Sweet Home & Room.
The warden of excuses : Nak balik kenduri cousin.Padahal....

About a month i left home, and almost everything change,
Yes!the most i like : My parents said i've become thinner.Walaweh :D
But in real life,i'll always eat and doesnt ever once skip the meal.
It was such a big applause.HAHA

Meet my angah also
The weekend was not cool ,as most of the day spending the time at kenduri
But it was last trip for the kenduri maybe?
As the other kenduri kahwin of my relatives i'll not be there .

Who knows?
It was the oldest sepupu perempuan yg dah married
And I  am the third :S
My turn?Far away lah weh
fana,the 2nd one tells a joke 
'Yang third dululah,baru aku."

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