Friday, July 22, 2011


Well,he's my new grandpa 
BTN' facilitator
70 years already
His words totally enough for me to love my country more
I am sorry  for his picture are not available 

Alhamdullilah,manage with the BTN things for 5 days at Klang
So far so good,and it was freaking cool back then
the result of my patriotism : RISE!
There's a lot and a lot knowledge ,
making me to fall in love and to become protective to my country

my words up here showing the big impact
'Fatin, semangat gila negara bangsa!'
Hmm.Whatever people.As long we know who we're
Maybe for others, i dont know.

Just reached my home sweet home past 2 hours
Tired for sure.
More better compared to
 alone with no laptop and phone or 5 days.
It make me realise how much i miss all the people :D

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