Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exciting Yet Dissapointing

Just finished skyping with my housemates.
How exciting I am!
 To meet them at college and AP :D
I am the one who still enjoying herself at home.
the other twelve already there.

The moment I have to leave my original home
The TV,Room, etc

Oh,the 2nd day of fasting
Bored to death.
Well, I am just do the norm thing before
Still the limit was there,It is Ramadhan.
Don't want to just feel hungry and thirsty only.
Pahala!my friend ,

I have to stay with Bumblebee.
Yeah,he's bad kitten.
Playing around.Jump here and there.
Totally piss off.
Until I am playing some tricks 
in order for him to play outside.

Off early.Classes waiting tomorrow 

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