Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost SWOON

A big clap!
Fatin Sahira waked up very early today.
Nevertheless that pre departure thing
Quite unsolved mystery if I did that daily
Mak and Ayah will be like "Demam ke anak aku ni?"

Back to the aim.
Went to Medan Mara at 8am
Walking from hotel about 5-8 minutes.
That food they served _______.
Strongly sure they'll lose to Kedai Mamak
So,Hungry To Death.

Meet The No.3 Members:)
Excited Enough.

 My body gonna shutting down that moment.
Luckily a gap was exist.
At noon, I and Ayu sneak out to Kompleks Pertama.
We met Ramli Sarip there.
He was just beside us.
Our reaction was like:
" Sarip." 
Adore him for his voice
Seeing the others sat normally at that restaurant.
Then,we pretend to be as usual.Heee.

Begin back at 2.
Seriously almost swoon.
Sleepy enough.
We smile You smile I smile.

*A sweet memory for sure.HAHA.I think I should repack my things out.
  The internet nowadays are just cooling attractive.

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