Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meaningful Lost


A lot of things happened today.

My Mr.Reebok Lost!
Wondering where it was.
On my mind,they'll always be on the rack
After class,out of blue
The instinct  to look for mr.reebok risen up 
There's no Mr.Reebok

Just discovered most of my floor mates  
lost their sport shoes too.
Know what.
the same type of shoes were lost
not sandals,neither others.

feeling upset to tell ayah and mak 
will Tawakal to Allah.
Allah knows well
Please do meet me with mr.reebok :)
Hoping those who stole changed their heart.

Father of my friend,Azhani
 passed away at Madinah
 Heart Attack.
Although quite gloomy and sad here
still glad,
arwah died in good places at all.

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