Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Salam.After a long while

Hai hai hai
It've been a while.Like hell long.Sumpah about 9 months tak update

Doesnt care and maybe people act dont visit this blog anymore.

Reason for not updating?Hmmph.LAZY and I intend just not to express anything online.Keep it safe.

But for now,maybeeee I'm back!

Yeayyy.(Alone T.T)

Few changes to made,I'll talk anything and almost everything if I can.Plus,a lil bit of Malay and English .It is hard when I want to talk like my usual way.Macam "sumpah cool" and feels kind of weird if "swear cool" is used.

Okay.Gonna change the whole thing about the blog.I dont care much if anyone doesnt ever read all of these, because that's usually what blog meant to be.anyway Salam :)

at San Stefano #ootd

Me wearing jumper I bought at Korea last year 

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