Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The bad sense already about new friends

Well,frankly speaking
totally about new friends.
At fb,
they created  a group for the persediaan middle east at UCSA
lebih kurang half-people of 50 the members.
First excited gila mati sebab dapat tahu all the faces
Bajetlah active,haha..Serious lama2 macam sakitkan hati
FINE,im such a loser being friendly.
SHUT UP.the idea now
(yelah,semua genius kat sana except i)

Day by day, 
i feel like they dont match me at all.Half maybe
Rasa macam kind of 'What?!'
Entahla kan.i dont meet face to face yet.
maybe they're different being offline the social network.
who knows ,and i really care about that.

FATIN SAHIRA is bad making new friends.
She's just good with her old friends,not new one.
Time will change that .Entah?Allah knows well.