Thursday, May 26, 2011

Releasing the stress out

This week most of the days out
handle the formality things.
Selalunya tersadai duduk rumah 
kalau going out pun,hanyalah ke pasar malam.

there's a bit that unfinished yet.

Nak melepaskan stress yang melanda
would like to find a sudoku books,english novel and magazine
To avoid the boredom at UCSA,
Takkan nak berarabian 24/7 kan?HAHA

Tolonglah suggest english novel books


  1. hahaha. tak baca lah novel english :P

  2. try baca chicken soup for the soul, but it aint a novel, it is a book which combined the stories of someone who experienced about some tragedies. like i asked u to buy it 2 years before

  3. keroro:oh ye,takpe2.

    khairullah: haha,tahu2.i dah baca most of chicken soup for the soul kt mktb dulu.

  4. cube bace punya sidney sheldon..ade 2-3 x best..tapi kalo yg best tu mmg best la ....sorry x igt tajuk =.=''