Monday, July 4, 2011

Marvellous Monday

Seriously speaking,
in the morning i was like a sleepy froggy 
Feeling dizzy and headache.
About to fast today,but didnt get time to sahur.
So Idecided not to fast,
with Nasi Lemak as breakfast.
Allah knows how determined i was to break the fast at that time.

The day went on.
Morning started with Biochemist Class.
We've to present our task,and then goes my group turn
I was not prepared 100% with some facts that i never understand
It was wrecky though
'Melson- Stahl Experiment . Bla Bla Bla.'
I was just like 'Korang Faham Tak?' at the end of my part.
ALMOST - maybe MOST showed their moist face with
the expression "apa benda lah budak ni terang?"

Sir response: "HA!Habislah!"
Then i was bit of such of spontaneous reaction.
"Sir,sebenarnya kitaorg tak faham apa yang kitaorg nak terang"
"Bukan korang dah tanya ke"
"Hmm,tapi still tak faham"
Can u imagine how was that moment,i was in front of the class
Doing some 'menggaru kepala or what"
The best: Sir went to the front and helped me explained everything.
WOW. I love my sir too much

But he told that this week was his last class with us
He will move to UIA Kuantan.
How dissapointed was I?Felt was punched by someone
 Oh no,sir.we really need you.
New lecturer - NOPE!CAN?

SIR was totally COOL lecturer.
Love the way he teached Biochemist even it was A REALLY TOUGH THING
Still,that Allah had decided.
For him last class this Thursday = Present Of Course!

Today activity : Singing Arabic Song ? and Act in Arabic Language.
Alhamdullilah,a great start for the week

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