Saturday, July 2, 2011


The movie was so incredibly WOW !
and the best part 
The 13 girls watched it together,all the housemate.
At the price RM6, discount about RM3!
The creepy matric card really helps.
For us, the student .It was cool.We can save our pocket money!Shopping then

Alhamdullilah,it was lucky that Nur and Fatty bought the ticket earlier
You know what?
All the Transformers ticket for this weekend totally booked
Hot stuff.

After the class,we went home.
Then rushing to the Berjaya Megamall,as the movie starts at 3pm
We reached there at 3.05pm,sumpah we're running fast than ever we did before
missing just a few parts,but it doesnt matter.
About 2 and half hour, my expression changed
Shouting,yelling,screaming,and so on.
The zikir of that time
'Walaweh, kalau 3D ni,best gila!'
Feeling like to watch it again in 3D version.CAN?

At night,we supposed went to Forum Perdana.
Once again,we're rushing back home and prepare ourselves.
Eating dinner,rushing-rushing!
The forum was about 1.5 hour maybe?
I dont noticed that because i was just impress watching WARDINA.
OMG,she;s totally beautiful!
The way she talks,move,dress up - inspire a lot for me.
Hoping to be like HER one day.Insya-Allah.

 randomly snap.
 some of housemate
 Thw two on left was not invited


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