Saturday, September 17, 2011

FRIEND are coolest love


with a big smile on face,I would like to invite YOU to come to a small feast 
at my home :) 17ofSept.Noon hour

Enough with that face.
Tonight was a beautiful night.

Having a dinner with Ameem.
It was affected.
You're willing enough to pick me at rainy night.
Thumbs up,a free meal for me.
Hearing some rumours, news plus love stories.
Hey, I am jealous enough.

I spend off to call Farhana yesterday.
Almost forget.Okay-okay

Nah.The picture makes me smile
Farhana,Nad,Asma and Mai.

HB Farhana :)
Miss You A Lot.
My wish: Show me your PC one day.

My UCSA-Pikah.Enough You're Girl.
The sweet text of you.

#Part of my beloved-friends.They are best enough to defeat my mind to 

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