Friday, October 14, 2011

HEEE.The class starts now

A long time.Maybe?
Nah.Just a few days off.
Till this moment about 3 days of lectures.
Yeah,I enjoyed my life here.
moment at class on first day

Late for first day.Getting lost in city.
Luckily my lecturer kind-hearted enough.
Running about to get into the hall.

Next days,
Quite hard at first.
In adapting their style of speaking English with the Arab dialect.
We're such "Hah?Apa?"
Times will going cover it.Insya-Allah

Confidentially heavy though.
They only served that.
Rice are rare.
Mission of surviving in Alexandria just begin.
Wondering what to eat in a year back then.

Dreamt of same person twice.
What's the point?
Heee.I scared I miss you already 

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