Tuesday, October 18, 2011

PS:Here the gap

Approximately before
the relationship of
boy and girl 
was just  WHOA for me.
Making friends,chit chatting with loafing.
a typical normal life as human.

At this moment.
Saying "Hai"to boys was just a bit scary to do
Know what?The gap.
Quite complicated at first.
It have been two weeks now
So that-kind of no talk with the diff.gender.
Became normal.

Still.A geek action.
Walaweh.The nature here.
Cheering enough to have girl friends
Funny though.

Past few days,demonstration was nearby.
SCARY!but very interesting.HAHA.

Busy life.Lecture and practical.
Was like "Thanks Allah!" when no class on that day.
Till now.2nd week of medic-life.
Enjoying? of module 1
Maybe the 3rd week: Exam!
Every module have its own exam.The fact:(

A big smile for Yeop
Thanks for wearing that:)
Scare enough to talk to you.

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