Monday, January 9, 2012

Holla Braces

A new-superb kind of hurt.
Braces :()

2 hours like hell in there.
Nearly have a sweet dream
The joy of pain above everything.

Best part :
That Dentist Was Made Of UK
Rarely to meet
4 times a year considered lucky.
Glad to found you :)

4 days already.
Joy of pain stick together
Porridge already be my essential diet.
It is hard to eat,you know.
But Fatin Sahira can bare it!
Do please pray,

Even they did stupid jokes,
Im was humming.
Try to hold on that feel.
Can't laugh or smile for a while.
Wait till then.

The feeling when you want to 
smile,laugh,talk,make stupid jokes
 really annoying 
when you can only express it out in your heart.


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